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Spanish Translation

Features associated with Samurai Translators Spanish TranslationsSamurai Translators provides a professional and high quality Spanish translation service. We translate a wide range of documents covering websites, business letters, emails and brochures, among others. We can translate your documents either from Spanish to Japanese and English or from Japanese or English to Spanish. We can also provide translations for other language pairs. Our Spanish translation service centres mainly around business documents which we receive the highest number of orders for. Feel free to contact us to discuss your translation needs. We are always happy to help.

Spanish Translation Rates

Spanish to Japanese
Per Spanish word £0.14
Japanese to Spanish
Per Japanese character £0.12

* The above prices do not include the Japanese consumption tax rate.
* Any documents we receive will be kept strictly confidential. We never share documents with outside parties unless strictly required by the job. We are willing to enter into a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement. Just notify us, and we will send you the contract immediately.
* Prices may vary to those indicated in the above depending on the type and content of the document.
* On rare occasions, we many decline a translation project on the basis of its technicality and specialist field being outside our scope.
* For large translation projects, we may offer a discount price by reducing the cost per word or character. Send us your project and we will estimate the price and return a quote to you.

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Samurai Translators Spanish Translation Translation Fields

Your translation will be handled by a team made up of native speakers in both the source and target language. This ensures that any mistakes in the original document are detected and corrected and the natural fluency of the translated text. We have a number of translators in our company who work on Spanish translations and we assign jobs based on the translation field of the document. We translate various types of documents from and into Spanish from general correspondence documents to more specialised technical or legal translations. If you need a Spanish translation don't hesitate to contact us.

Main translations we handle

Below are examples of the types of translation work we handle.

Family Registers
Company Registers
Marriage Certificates
Business Brochures
Private Correspondences
Articles of Incorporation
Business Correspondences
Distribution Agreements
Magazine Articles
Sales Contracts
Sports Programs
Websites (in text format)
Business Contracts and Agreements
Minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders

Our translations of family registers, etc. come attached with a Certificate of Translation. For our family register translation, please visit our sister site.

    ✓Industry-leading quality
    ✓Swift delivery
    ✓Assured performance

Confidentiality of Client Information

We keep all information obtained from our clients strictly confidential. Any original documents, images, information and other documents we receive from our clients shall only be used for the purpose required for our translation service and shall not under any circumstances be used for any other purpose or be disclosed to any third parties. As soon as we complete your translation, we will dispose of all originals, etc. Any certified copies (originals) of company registers or certificates will be returned to you by post. → Personal Information Protection Policy

Ordering Process and Contact Information, Etc.

If you need a Spanish translation, follow the instructions below to place an order with us.

Contact us by submitting a quote form and obtain a quote if necessary.

[2]~[3] below can be carried in any order you prefer

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Samurai Translators Spanish Translation Ordering

Fill out and send us a purchase order

You can choose to send your own purchase order in the format used by your company if you prefer. As long as it states that you are placing an order.

Enter any important information regarding you translation. If you intend to bring the originals directly to the Fukuoka Head Office in person, it is convenient to come by subway which will get you nearly to our door.

Once you've completed your purchase order send it to Samurai Translators E-mail|
(your can FAX it to us at 092-892-3327 or 03-6368-5417.

Once you receive a response from us to indicate that we have accepted your application/purchase order, this will signify that a contract has been established between us in which you contract us to perform the translation. (Unless other arranged by either of the parties, procedures regarding cancellation of a contract for an order shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code in Japan.)

Samurai Translators Spanish Translation Ordering

Payment of Application and Translation Fees

First-time clients and individual clients pay translation fees in advance.
We can arrange with returning clients for payment to made at a later date, however, an agreement will have to be reached concerning the details.

Samurai Translators Spanish Translation Ordering

Receiving Translation Deliverables

We will deliver your translation to you either by email or post according to what is specified in your order. Let us know if you also require us to send you an invoice.

Samurai Translators Spanish Translation Ordering

Payment Method

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