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German Translation

Samurai Translators German Translation Samurai Translators: Experts in the art of translation.
Samurai Translators provides a professional and high quality German translation service. We translate a wide range of documents covering websites, business letters, emails and brochures, among others. We can translate your documents either from German to Japanese and English or from Japanese or English to German. We can also provide translations for other language pairs. Our German translation service centres mainly around business documents which we receive the highest number of orders for.

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German Translation Rates

Per German word £0.16
Per Japanese character £0.13

* The above prices do not include the Japanese consumption tax rate.
* Any documents we receive will be kept strictly confidential. We never share documents with outside parties unless strictly required by the job. We are willing to enter into a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement. Just notify us, and we will send you the contract immediately.
* Prices may vary to those indicated in the above depending on the type and content of the document.
* On rare occasions, we many decline a translation project on the basis of its technicality and specialist field being outside our scope.
* For large translation projects, we may offer a discount price by reducing the cost per word or character. Send us your project and we will estimate the price and return a quote to you.

When purchasing products or services, people tend to get a quote from several companies and find the cheapest option. If products or services are the same and have fixed specifications then selecting a company based on price can be considered to be reasonable. However, where products or services do not have a standardised specification as is the case in translation, one cannot go on price basis alone. The speed and quality of the service provided must also be taken into consideration. There are considerable differences in the quality of the translators and proofreaders used by translation companies and different standards used in quality control.
When selecting a translation company to handle your important translations, quality plays an important role in the decision-making process and there must be a balance between price and quality.

Samurai Translators provides high quality translations at affordable prices and can satisfy that balance.

    ✓Industry-leading quality
    ✓Swift delivery
    ✓Assured performance

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Main Translation Fields

We take orders for a variety of different document types including German translation of family registers and other official documents and other Japanese/English <-> German translations of general business documents, pamphlets and many other documents. We may decline to translate certain medical or pharmaceutical documents. We appreciate your understanding. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your translation needs. Whether your project is big or small, we are always happy to be of service.

Documents we handle:

Family Registers
Company Registers
Marriage Certificates
Business Brochures
Private Correspondences
Articles of Incorporation
Business Correspondences
Distribution Agreements
Magazine Articles
Sales Contracts
Sports Programs
Websites (in text format)
Business Contracts and Agreements
Minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholderss

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*We can process your quote more quickly if you forward us your documents in word or pdf format. If documents are sent as image files or scanned files in pdf format, it will take longer to process your quote.

We are recruiting German Translators!!

We are looking to expand our German translation section and need German translators in the field the medical and technical field (Japanese to German) and the area of finance, accounting and financial affairs (Japanese to German). We are looking for native German speakers or those equivalent thereto. We will be putting up open positions on our homepage, so if you are interested be sure to take a look.