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Chinese Translation

Samurai Translators Chinese TranslationSamurai Translators: Experts in the art of translation.
Samurai Translators provides a professional and high quality Chinese translation service. We translate a wide range of documents covering websites, business letters, emails and brochures, among others. We can translate your documents either from Chinese to Japanese and English or from Japanese or English to Chinese. We can also provide translations for other language pairs. Our Chinese translation service centres mainly around business documents which we receive the highest number of orders for.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your translation needs. We are always happy to help.

Chinese Translation Rates

Chinese to Japanese or English
Per Chinese character £0.09
Japanese or English to Chinese
Per Japanese character £0.08
Per English word £0.08

* The above prices do not include the Japanese consumption tax rate.
* Any documents we receive will be kept strictly confidential. We never share documents with outside parties unless strictly required by the job. We are willing to enter into a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement. Just notify us, and we will send you the contract immediately.
* Prices may vary to those indicated in the above depending on the type and content of the document.
* On rare occasions, we many decline a translation project on the basis of its technicality and specialist field being outside our scope.
* For large translation projects, we may offer a discount price by reducing the cost per word or character. Send us your project and we will estimate the price and return a quote to you.

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Our translations of family registers, etc. come attached with a Certificate of Translation. For our family register translation, please visit our sister site.

    ✓Industry-leading quality
    ✓Swift delivery
    ✓Assured performance

Chinese Translation Fields and Areas

We handle translations of documents in a vast range of fields. Our past Chinese translation jobs include the following:

Family Registers
Company Registers
Marriage Certificates
Business Brochures
Private Correspondences
Articles of Incorporation
Business Correspondences
Distribution Agreements
Magazine Articles
Sales Contracts
Sports Programs
Websites (in text format)
Business Contracts and Agreements
Minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholderss

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A job quote for translation is free and quick. To get a free quote just contact us at the email address or FAX number listed below.

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* We can process your quote more quickly if you forward us your documents in word or pdf format. If documents are sent as image files or scanned files in pdf format, it will take longer to process your quote.

Samurai Translators Chinese Translation

We follow the same translation procedures applied in our English translations when we undertake Chinese translation projects (especially when it comes to quality control). Here at Samurai Translators, we place a strong emphasis on the quality of our products. We make sure to first check the consistency of the original document so as to avoid repetitive mistakes appearing in the translated work. There are numerous translation companies on the market offering their services at high and low prices but in the end our "attention to detail and quality" will yield the most cost-effective translation service for our clients.

If you need a translation to or from Chinese, don't hesitate to contact us. We provide a high quality translation service for Japanese and English <-> Chinese. If you send us your documents, we will get back to you promptly with a quote. As there differences in the scripts used in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, etc., when requesting a quote or translation, please specify which one you require, simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese, etc. or give us enough information for us to make an educated guess.

Simplified and Traditional Chinese

Samurai Translators translates documents into both simplified and traditional Chinese. When placing an order for translation from Japanese or English, don't forget to specify which script you want to use or let us know which region you intend to submit your documents to so that we can use the appropriate script. (Mainland China (simplified Chinese) Taiwan or Hong Kong (traditional Chinese), etc.) If you do not specify otherwise, we go on the premise that documents are to be submitted to Mainland China and will translate into simplified Chinese.

The Translation Process

Companies requiring translation from or into Japanese or English should contact us using the company address and attach the document for translation. When sending files in a digital folder, it would helpful if you could compress it prior to sending and send it to us as a ZIP file.

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Outsourcing of Chinese Translation Work

There is the phrase, "Every man to his trade". In the case of businesses who have dealings with Chinese companies or are involved in ongoing transactions in China, it is natural that they have staff who can read and write Chinese fluently and who have expert knowledge of the unique or industry-specific concepts or terminology required for the business. Some companies may therefore be of the opinion that it would be more time and cost efficient to undertake the translation side of their business in-house rather than outsource to a professional translation company.

However, in practice, when you take into consideration the amount of time it actually takes to complete translation work and the time that a staff member will have to take out of his/her main tasks to achieve this and the amount of time it takes to process the entire project from start to finish, in the end, it is still more time and cost effective to outsource translation work to an experienced and professional translation company.

Translation is a highly specialised trade and it is not such an easy task to produce high quality translated works cost effectively to the standard of a professional translation company or translator.

Leave your translations in our capable hands. We guarantee quality and offer competitive prices.

Notarisation and Embassy/Consular Legalisation, Authentication or Attestation

If you need your translation to be notarised or you required consular notarisation or authentication visit our Certified, Notarised and Legalised (Apostille) Translations and Embassy/Consular Legalisation, Authentication, Attestation by selecting from the links just below. Let us know if there are other procedures that the institution, etc. you are submitting your documents to requires you to undertake and if you want us to have your documents notarised or legalised, etc. by the consular section.

We have obtained authentication from the consular section of the Chinese Embassy for a countless number of clients. Samurai Translators, the company you can rely on!

Samurai Translators handles translations from and into many other languages in addition to Chinese.

For a translation company with an excellent record and which provides a wide range of translation solutions, it can only be Samurai Translators!
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