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Meet Our Team

~The Samurai behind our accurate and well-crafted translations~

Translation work is deceptively demanding. Translators are constantly on a deadline and are often forced to work late nights to make them. Translation is an art and the commitment to producing a good translation can in many cases be tiresome for those around.
In the world of translation, extraordinary flexibility and patience is a must in order to practice Samurai's business policy to commit entirely to "translation technique".

Below is a brief introduction to our dedicated staff who make it possible for us to deliver our clients with translations of the highest quality and accuracy.

Chief Translator and CEO: Shunichi Nagae

Samurai Translators Chief Translator and CEO: Shunichi Nagae I believe that translation work is a vocation. Once I get a job, I just get typing and can go without food and sleep. That's just the type of Samurai Translator I am.
I have tried out and used all the various translation support software and tools available out there but have found that I am quite happy to perform my translations myself without these aids.
I can translate up to 1,500 words a day and compile carefully translated works checking each word and term individually and placing secondary importance on the cost and speed of the translation process.

Akiko Hirasawa

Samurai Translators Akiko HirasawaBorn in Tokyo
Blood Type: A
After spending some time studying in Australia, I worked as a flight attendant on a private company owned jet. Currently, I hold the position of manager in charge of orders and accounts at Samurai Translators. My hobbies are pottery and hula dance (I'm quite into it.)

Hazuki Nakayama

I was born in Fukuoka City, Japan in 1986.
A trip I took to the United States while a student at Fukuoka Futaba Senior High School made quite an impression on me and after graduating high school and finding that my English skills were becoming progressively stagnated, I decided to go back and study in the U.S.A on my own. I attended junior college in Hawaii and then went onto enrol in Alliant International University in California where I majored in international business and graduated successfully. I have a TOEIC score of 940 points.
I love listening to music (pop, R&B, Jazz, etc.) and playing with my dog. I have been working for Samurai Translators for 5 years and am learning every day.

Eriko Hirasawa

Samurai Translators Eriko HirasawaBorn in Tokyo
Currently working in Samurai's Tokyo office.

I am I charge of getting documents and translations notarised in Tokyo. I am a very conscientious worker and you can rely on me to have your documents, etc. correctly notarised as per your request.

Suzanna Nolan

I was born in a town called Luton just 30 miles north of London in the U.K. I have always loved languages and in 1999 I enrolled on a 4 year university course for International Business and Japanese with German at Liverpool John Moores University. My first visit to Japan was in 2001 as part of a one year exchange programme with Kyushu Sangyo University in Fukuoka for the 3rd year of my university course. I was so taken with Japan and fascinated by the language that after my one year programme ended, I deferred my university programme in the U.K. and remained an additional one year in Japan to attend a specialised Japanese language school in Fukuoka during which time my Japanese language skills really took off. I then returned to the U.K. and completed the final year of my degree majoring in Japanese and was awarded a distinction. After graduating university, I returned yet again to Japan as a research student at Kyushu University and then moved onto their MA programme in linguistics. After graduating and working in Japan in the education sector for some years, I earned a position as a translator at Samurai Translators in 2008 and now have a number of years of translation experience under my belt.