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Technical Translation

Accurate translation of all types of technology

Samurai Translators Technical TranslationsTechnical translation requires precision. Complete understanding of documents dealing with for example, heavy machinery or dangerous forms of electronics is a must when it comes to translating them. A mistranslated document resulting from a lack of knowledge in engineering, etc. on the part of the translator can lead to potential disasters. When taking into consideration the huge potential risks that can arise due to the use of wrong terminology etc, used in documents such as aircraft manuals, its no wonder that when selecting a company to translate technical documents, quality takes priority over cost.

Samurai Translators has several translators that have a deep understanding and hands on experience in most forms of technology. We particularly excel in telecommunications, electronics, product manuals, internet technology and gene technology translations.

With the rapidity with which new technology is being created and marketed, we at Samurai Translators understand that an extremely fast translation turnover is required. Once we receive the technology translation project, Samurai Translators puts together a team of translators, editors and proofreaders best suited to the task. When necessary, Samurai Translators enlists the help of outside professional sources to double check the translated project so as to ensure its perfection.

Terminology and Translation Memory

There is no margin for error in the translation of any technical translations related to air crafts, power generation, construction, agriculture and other fields. Translation of terminology must be precise and consistent. When we take on highly specialized technical documents, to the extent possible, we have engineers with a high level of professional experience and knowledge in the specific field work on your project. If you require us to use specific terminology in your technical translations, please notify us when you place your order. We will make sure that the terms you provide us with are reflected in our translation. We also build glossaries specific to each client using advanced computer-assisted translation (CAT) software to ensure words and phrases are always translated consistently within each document and from one project to the next.

We also employ professionals who work in the relevant field and have a profound knowledge of the latest technology as technical proofreaders to perform a thorough check of the final draft of any translations for highly specialized fields prior to delivery. (This service depends on the translation field, delivery time and allocated budget). At Samurai Translators our top priority is the quality of our translations.

Technical documents contain a large amount of terminology and industry-specific jargon and for this reason it is essential to select a translation company with expertise and experience in the machinery or equipment, etc. in the translation.

Our strengths in Technical Translation lie in our:


Samurai Translators involved in preparing and proofreading your translations will have an extensive background and knowledge in the field of your technical translation and their familiarity with the subject topic allows them to work through translations quickly and efficiently.


We have many years of experience behind us and our translators are proficient in both Japanese and English. The final proofread is performed by a translator or proofreader familiar with the language and technology and the final product is signed off by our Chief Translator.


Our policy is to deliver a high quality translation at a low cost and we will match any translation company which claims it can beat us on price and match us in terms of quality and quality management.

    ✓Industry-leading quality
    ✓Swift delivery
    ✓Assured performance

We specialise in the following types of technical translations:

We handle translations in telecommunications, electronics, product manuals, internet technology, gene technology, cognitive science documents, product manuals, forensic science documents and reports, alternative energy reports or documents, engineering, computer sciences, projects dealing with artificial life, chemistry and chemical elements, aerospace and aeronautics, physics related documents, basic nanotechnology, engineering manuals, engineering procedures, science of engineering, aviation, machinery, machine technology, metallurgy, presswork, shipping, operating manuals, user guides, reference guides, theory of operation manuals, maintenance manuals, publishing, binding, production files, design, design review, data management, data transfer projects, works plans, test reports, specifications, and custom publications.

Translation of Specifications and Manuals, Etc.

We have experience in the translation of operation manuals, reference manual, service manuals, online manuals, web manuals, help manuals, maintenance manuals, system manuals, instruction manuals, maintenance instructions, equipment manuals, equipment descriptions, system instructions, practical guides, technical books and documents, system specifications, software specifications, hardware specifications, hardware design documents, product specifications, equipment specifications, technical manuals, background materials, installation instructions, description of works, project briefs, system specifications, detail specifications, merchandise specifications, design documents, proposed design documents, construction design documents, concept design documents, conceptual designs, project design documents, installation specifications, mounting specifications, construction specifications, groundwork specifications, business manuals, Merck Manuals, various heavy equipment operation manuals, technical documents for mold designs, grinder instruction manuals, instruction manuals and catalogs for air conditioners, instruction manuals for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, plasma TV instruction manuals, specifications of various lighting equipment, video camera manuals, sphygmomanometer (blood pressure meter) manuals, commercial garbage disposal instruction manuals, various control device manuals, technical documents for area flowmeters, instruction manuals for food packaging machinery, catalogs for various pumps, instruction manual for dust collectors, specifications for automatic painting machines, manual for printing press maintenance, technical documents for excavators, specifications for vacuum machines, instruction manual for press machines, electron microscope instruction manuals, auto-parts management manual, automotive technical documents, technical books for various motors, car navigation system instruction manuals, sailing cruiser manuals, printer manuals, various software operating manuals, digital camera instruction manual, instruction manuals for laser application equipment used in design specifications, mobile phone user manuals, instruction manuals for measuring instruments, CAE instructions, auto-parts installation instructions, DVD operation manual, technical descriptions, equipment manuals among others.

Translation of Various Catalogs and Pamphlets, Etc.

We translate catalogs of electronic parts for technology related to elevators, printer catalogs, automobile catalogs, air conditioner catalogs, catalogs for measuring equipment, catalogs for semiconductors and others.

Reports, Proposals, Plans, Design Documents, Etc.

We deal with translations of concept designs, software design documents, system design documents, requirements definition document, system proposal, business proposal, alliance proposal, partnership proposal, project proposal, development proposal, system plans, business plans, partnership plans, project plans, development plans, company profiles, new product releases, new releases, news release, press release, announcements, presentation materials, published articles, public documents, public articles, published materials, information material, basic definition document, basic design document, technical proposal, technology development proposal, technology partner proposal, technical measures proposal, technological development plans, research development plans, technology partnership plans, technical proposals, and other types of localization materials.

Research and Survey Reports and other Types of Technical Material

We are proficient in the translation of technology survey reports, reports on technology trends, technology trends survey reports, status survey, status report, technical reports, presentation materials, academic papers, technical material for authentication systems, technical material for machinery, electro-technical material, electrical engineering material, and material on routers, servers and mainframes, etc.

Various Contracts and Agreements, Etc.

We also receive orders for the translation of End User License Agreements, License Agreements, Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreements, IT Technology Exchange Agreements, Technical Collaboration Agreements, IT Technical Cooperation Agreements, Technical Cooperation Agreements, IT Technology Licensing Agreements, Information Technology Distribution Agreements, IT Technology Development Agreements, Information Technology Development Agreements, Technical Exchange Agreements, Technology Distribution Agreements, Technology Development Agreements, Technology Collaboration Agreements, Technology Cooperation Agreements, Etc.

For translations of technology descriptions for patent applications and other related materials, please see our Patent Translation page.

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