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Securities and Annual Reports

English ⇔ Japanese translations of annual and interim reports, securities reports, quarterly results, quarterly reports, income statements, balance sheets and other financial statements.

Samurai Translator's Securities and Annual ReportsTerms used in securities and annual reports, quarterly results and reports, income statements, balance sheets and other types of financial statements are highly industry-specific and it is impossible to translate them precisely without a solid background in accounting.
Because concepts and meanings of terminology and accounting terms used in these types of documents are specific to their respective areas, they cannot be translated using everyday language. Differences between terms with similar meanings cannot be correctly distinguished unless a translator knows the correct accounting terminology. Translators therefore need to have extensive knowledge in the GAAP of both the English speaking country and Japan.

Securities and Annual Reports

The securities and annual report is one of the most important documents a company publishes. Securities and annual reports contain information to be disclosed to general investors and as such, importance is placed both on the accuracy and natural readability of the translation. To add to this, clients also require such translations to be completed quickly. That is why we offer translation services of the highest quality, and take care to extend the number of qualified translators and proof-readers to handle translations fast and professionally. Leave translations of your securities and annual reports in the capable hands of Samurai Translators with its long experience in translations in the fields of finance, financial affairs and accounting.

Almost all professional, academic and government organizations produce securities or annual reports. Securities and annual reports are documents giving detailed information about the activities and performance of the company or organisation, etc. Annual reports of private or public companies are published to educate current and potential shareholders about company activities and performance and contain a company's financial highlights, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, new business, business review and future projections, etc.

In Japan, securities reports are filed with the Financial Services Agency of the Japanese government electronically in a system called EDINET short for Electronic Disclosure for Investor's Network which is an electronic filing system for disclosure of documents at the end of each fiscal year under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan. Companies which publically trade on the stock exchange, companies required to file securities registration statements and other companies are subject to the obligation to submit reports. Many among them have foreign investors, or intend to establish overseas branches or require a translated version of their securities reports for certain other reasons.

Annual reports are fundamental to creating and sustaining a company’s reputation and can strongly affect market perception. The effort that goes into your report and to the accurate translation thereof reflects the dedication you have to your clients and is a sophisticated aspect of investor relations.

Quarterly Results and Reports

Quarterly results or quarterly reports are reports which are submitted in timely manner to investors, etc. to inform them of the status of the business of the company each quarter. Being that securities reports which cover a full 12 month period are rather lengthy, quarterly reports provide a shorter and early overview of the contents in the securities reports and timeliness tends to be important in the translation of these quarterly reports.

For an accurate and swift translation of your quarterly results, quarterly reports translations, don't hesitate to choose us.

Financial Statements and Accounting Documents

  • • balance sheets
  • • income statements
  • • profit and loss statements
  • • cash flow statements
  • • statements of shareholders' equity
  • • statements of changes in net assets
  • • cash flow statements
  • • business reports
  • • audited financial statements
  • • tax/final returns and other tax documents
  • • bank statements
  • • proposals for appropriation of profits
  • • notice of convocation of shareholder's or board meetings
  • • minutes of shareholders' or board meetings
  • • sales reports
  • • financial results
  • • annual reports
  • • materials to be presented at shareholder's meetings
  • • documents related to the stock exchange
  • • other financial documents

Samurai Translators also translates accounting documents in the field of securities and foreign exchange, such as annual securities reports and quarterly results or reports . Click here for more on our securities and exchange translations and finance, accounting and financial affairs translations.

Our team of translators is dedicated to providing translations of a quality and at a speed which meets and even exceeds the high expectations of our clients. You can trust in us to deliver. We understand you can't afford errors in critical financial documents. Our translations are carried out by experienced professionals who are matched to the sectors and markets relevant to your translation. The translation is then reviewed and edited by an experienced and qualified translator and undergoes a final quality check in which the translation is meticulously proofread line by line and the layout is perfected.

    ✓Industry-leading quality
    ✓Extensive knowledge
    ✓Perfect accuracy

  • Importance of Confidentiality
    Securities and annual reports and other financial statements and documents are without question some of the most important official company documents and ensuring that the information contained in such documents is not inadvertently disclosed to third parties is a must for any company. It is only natural therefore that great care is taken to ensure the confidentiality of the original and translated counterpart. The entire translation process of your securities-related and other financial or tax related documents including the creation of drafts and the proofreading is carried out internally within Samurai Translators by our in-house translators who have signed confidentiality agreements with the company which eliminates any risk of information being leaked to outside parties. When we employ the assistance of outside specialists to confirm specialized accounting terminology or usage, we always execute a confidentiality agreement with them to ensure the non-disclosure of information. We will also sign any client specific confidentiality agreements. We at Samurai Translators conduct ourselves responsibly and take the following steps to ensure your information is handled securely.

    • The first translation draft and proofreading are carried out within our company by our in-house staff who have signed confidentiality agreements with the Company.
    • Confirmation of any technical terms is carried out by our tight team of specialists hand picked by our Chief Translator who have signed a confidentiality agreement with us to prevent any leaking of important confidential information to outside parties.
    • Our staff has controlled access to different levels of our database and files are password protected.
    • We use a password protected, firewalled server
    • We are happy to execute additional confidentiality agreements with you if you require.
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