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Real Estate Documents

Samurai Translator's Real Estate Translations As with most if not all specialized fields, real estate has its own unique terminology. Whereas other fields usually deal with the buying and selling of items or products, real estate deals with actual property. Actual property is arguably the most valuable asset of all and mistakes made during the attempted transition of property from one owner to another can be ultimately disastrous. In order to determine the value of real estate, a licensed real estate appraiser who has been licensed by the state is required. Since one can be pretty sure that the appraisal of a given property given by a licensed real estate appraiser will be accurate, the only mistakes will come as a result of the mistranslation of the appraisal. Despite the surprising number of commonalities found internationally in the real estate industry, certain real estate concepts are unique to a specific country and it can often be difficult to find terms which exactly correspond in the target language to the terminology used in the source language. This is why experience with real estate terminology is essential to ensure accurate and speedy translations and making sure that you choose a translator with a sufficient background knowledge of the real estate industry and accounting handles your translation is critical.

Here at Samurai Translators, we have a particular interest in the area of real estate and we research tirelessly into the terminology used in Japan, the U.S. and the U. K. to find the most appropriate and accurate matching of terms to provide you with a 100% accurate which reads naturally to professionals in the field in the country of the target language.

Having built a solid reputation over more than a decade, Samurai Translators has gained more than enough experience in the real estate translation field and its terminology, so you can rest assured that our translators are knowledgeable about the rights related to real estate, accounting terminology and specialized terms specific to the real estate industry and are more than capable of taking on any translations of real estate appraisal reports, building lease agreements and other real estate related documents as well as appraisal reports on foreign properties.

At Samurai Translators, our carefully selected professional translators with the expertise to fully understand the content in the source document will handle your translation using the appropriate expressions and terminology closest to that used in the appraisal standards and accounting standards of the country of the respective target language country. Of course to ensure the readability of the document, our native English translators are paired up with our native Japanese translators to prepare as well as proofread the translation. This guarantees that any errors in the original text are picked up and that the translated text is consistent with the original text and also reads naturally to the target audience.

As of January 1, 2005, more than ninety countries either require or permit the use of International Financial Reporting Standards (IRFSs). Among those, some of the English speaking countries include Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States as well as English using countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa, etc. Click the link to learn more about the International Financial Reporting Standards from Wikipedia. We at Samurai Translators are familiar with the IRFSs and knowledgeable and well versed in its terminology both in Japanese and English. Samurai Translators also has several very reliable real estate appraisers to edit our work once we have completed the translation project which means we can deliver you a flawless translation.

We most often get orders for the following real-estate, land and building documents:

Real estate appraisals
Land and building leases
Meeting Minutes
Terms of Mortgage Loans
General Mediation Agreements
Joint Security Inventories
Loan Agreements
Housing Performance Assessment
Title Deeds
Heads of Terms
Standard Rental Housing Agreement
Certificates of Registered Matters
Land and Property Registries
Fixed Asset Valuation Certificates
Purchase Certificates
Contracts to Establish Sectional Superficies
Purchase and Sales Agreements
Bills of Sale
Real Estate Investment Trust(REIT) Sales Materials
Valuation Certificates
Tables Listing Ancillary Equipment
Property Status Reports
Development Plans
Design Contracts with Overseas Architects
Documents required for sales of condominiums

Our strengths lie in our:


Samurai Translator's Chief Translator was in the past involved in real estate and leisure development as a developer for a number of years. Having majored in finance and economics and coupled with his considerable practical experience in analyzing overseas appraisal reports related to the purchase of land and properties, you can be sure your translation will be of the highest quality. Both he and our professional translators are experienced in translating documents in this area and are therefore able to execute translations with speed and with the advantage of our past resources developed over our years of translating real estate documents at our disposal, Samurai Translators can have your translation ready in the shortest time-frame. Unlike many other companies, we translate all our documents in-house and do not have to outsource our clients' documents to other translators, which significantly speeds up the translation process.


Our real estate translations are backed by our long years of experience and extensive knowledge in the area. A translator with both knowledge of English and the relevant laws is responsible for signing off the final product. All translators here at Samurai Translators involved in preparing and proofreading translated documents have extensive knowledge and experience in accounting and finance. When undertaking large projects, we form a tight team of translators, proofreaders and specialist proofreaders in order to boost the speed and quality of our work. After translated documents are proof-read by our in-house translation team, depending on the delivery period and budget allocated, we may also forward them onto outside specialists contracted by us to perform a final proofread of the document to confirm technical terms.


Our policy is to provide translation services at the lowest prices in the industry. We have handled thousands of financial and accounting related documents and have accumulated a vast database of past translations to work from which greatly increases our cost performance. We challenge the prices of any translation company claiming they can beat us on price and match us on quality and efficiency.


Real property is arguably the most valuable asset of all, and we understand that confidentially of documents pertaining to real estate, etc. is of particular importance. At Samurai Translators, the first translation draft and proofreading are carried out within our company. Confirmation of any technical terms is carried out by our tight team of specialists hand picked by our Chief Translator and who have signed a confidentiality agreement with us to prevent any leaking of important confidential information to outside parties. We will promptly execute a confidentiality agreement with you if you require.

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