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Translation of Patent Applications and Other Related Documents

Samurai Translators Patent Translation Translating your Patent Application and related documents accurately is of critical importance to your business. It is the way your Company can protect its Intellectual Property in the global arena. We at Samurai Translators are experienced in the translation of patent applications, etc. between the English and Japanese languages. The translation of patents follows a very strict procedure.
Patent applications are extensive documents containing both technical and legal language. Even the smallest mistake in translation may potentially ruin a patent or patent application and in worse case scenarios, may bring a lawsuit against the client. Because of the serious situation that can arise from any inaccuracy in the translation of these types of documents, they require translators with experience and expertise, thorough checking and adequate time. We at Samurai Translators do not take our responsibility lightly and if you choose us, you can rest assured that we will dedicate the time and resources required to provide you with a high quality and flawless translation.

If you would like more information on our patent translation or proofreading service, please feel free to contact us We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Patent translations we handle

We can translate biological patents, pharmaceutical patents, software patents, business method patents ,chemical patents, intellectual property rights, industrial design rights and other documents accurately and in the minimum of time. We can translate all kinds of patent specifications, intermediate treatment processes and documents related to any litigation or legal actions.

The technical accuracy of patent application translation will impact the outcome of a patent application examination. When it comes to patent application translations and related documents trust in our 100% accurate translation service. We won't let you down. We translate with full understanding of the original text and we never compromise on the terminology used in our translation or its readability.

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Our Strengths in Patent Translation lie in our


To maintain consistency between terms and phrasing throughout the entire text, where possible Samurai Translators prefers to assign 1 document to 1 translator for the first draft translation. However, if a project is considerably large, a project team consisting of several translators with professional knowledge in the relevant technology will be created to work collectively on the project in order to get your translation to you in the shortest timeframe and with the highest accuracy.


Patent translators with long years of experience behind them prepare the draft translation which is then proofread by editors native in the target language. Finally, specific terms and phrases are checked and confirmed by specialists in the field who actually work professionally in the area privately contracted by us. (The process used will depend on the timeframe and budget allocated for the project). We also employ advanced computer-assisted translation (CAT) software to build glossaries specific to each of our clients and ensure consistency of terminology throughout the translation.


Our policy is to offer you the highest quality translations at the lowest prices. We challenge the prices of any translation company dealing with patent translations which claim they can beat us on price and match us on quality and efficiency. Moreover, the translation data accumulated over our years of experience in patent translations significantly increases our cost performance.

    ✓Industry-leading quality
    ✓Extensive knowledge
    ✓Perfect accuracy

Confidentiality of Information

We at Samurai Translators are well aware of the highly confidential nature of the information contained in patents and the necessity of maintaining absolute confidentiality of such information until officially released to the public. When Samurai Translators takes on translations of patent related documents, we ensure only a tight team of translators and professionals work on it and those professionals in the industry used to check and confirm any industry-specific terminology, etc. are selected by the Chief Translator himself and are bound by the obligation of confidentiality under an agreement executed with our company. We have a no tolerance policy regarding the leaking of information.

  • The first translation draft and proofreading are carried out within our company by our in-house staff who have signed confidentiality agreements with the Company.
  • Confirmation of any technical terms is carried out by our tight team of specialists hand picked by our Chief Translator who have signed a confidentiality agreement with us to prevent any leaking of important confidential information to outside parties.
  • Our staff has controlled access to different levels of our database and files are password protected.
  • We use a password protected, firewalled server
  • We are happy to execute additional confidentiality agreements with you if you require.
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