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Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

Samurai Translators Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations
Medical and pharmaceutical information is extremely important and delicate as it involves the well being of human lives and translations in this field more than in other fields require translators and proofreaders with deep, intimate knowledge in the subject matter.

The field of medical and pharmaceutical translation is decidedly broad with a variety of sub-fields. There is a huge difference between for example translating patient records, marketing leaflets and articles for publication in journals not to mention the widely different expertise required to handle translations for the various processes involved from the development of new pharmaceuticals to pharmaceutical applications and marketing and post marketing surveillance, etc. Therefore, only translators specialised in healthcare, medicine and pharmaceuticals and possessing a wealth of experience and expertise in these areas will be sufficiently qualified to take on these types of translations.

There has been a global rise in the development of pharmaceutical products over recent years. A host of pharmaceutical products have been developed through the collaboration between Japanese and overseas pharmaceutical companies and there is lot of activity in the preparation of documents associated with this development. It is essential that pharmaceutical companies process the relevant information, documents required by regulatory authorities and company documents, etc. accurately and without delay. Rest assured that you can trust in our medical and pharmaceutical translation service to deliver you a translation of the highest quality.

Our medical and pharmaceutical translators are professional specialist translators who are familiar with and understand the details and context of your documents and are skilled in translating complicated contents with the utmost precision without compromising on the fluency and readability of the translation. We take a large number of orders from universities, hospitals and laboratories as well as companies involved in specialist fields such as healthcare, medicine, pharmacology and dentistry, etc. who value our expertise and translation service.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations

Below are some examples of the types of medical and pharmaceutical documents we translate:

Clinical trials documentation
Investigational drug descriptions
Clinical study reports
Informed consent forms
Postmarketing clinical trial study reports
Drug re-examination summary materials
Application descriptions (CDT compliant)
Periodic safety update reports (PSUR)
Applications for approval of manufacture (import) of medical devices
Health Authorities' opinions, approvals and authorisations
Healthcare educational material
Protocol study reports
Pharmacovigilance (PV) material
Product information
Adverse event (AE) data and documentation
Drug leaflets
EMA, FDA & MHRA marketing authorization applications
Press releases
Case report forms (CRFs)
Training courses, presentations and video scripts
Patent documents
Marketing collateral
Medical equipment manuals
PowerPoint presentations
Development reports
Conference material
Preclinical, clinical, and post-marketing surveillance
General clinical-based medical and pharmaceutical papers
Journal articles and other literature

We can assist you in translations in a number of medical areas including anaesthesiology, dentistry, diagnostics, biostatistics, endoscopies, general medicine, general pharmacy, prosthesiology, endocrinology, dermatology and toxicology and we also handle translations related to the circulatory system, nervous system, respiratory system, immune system as well as in the areas of ophthalmology, orthopaedics, and dentistry.

We also have experience in translating texts related to biotechnology, nutrition, pharmaceutical products, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmacy, pharmaceutical economy, medical equipment and machinery, medical apparatus and instruments, animal drugs, pesticides, toxicity and pharmacological tests, pharmacokinetic studies, clinical studies, preparations, cosmetics and legal action and litigation related thereto.

We also handle contracts and agreements, legal and judicial translations, patent related translations as well as technical translations within the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Click on the links to find out more.

Our Strengths in Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations lie in our:


Our translators are qualified in specialist fields such as healthcare, medicine, pharmacology and dentistry, etc. and with their intimate knowledge and experience in various medical and pharmaceutical documents, they are able to complete your translation with the utmost speed. For large medical or pharmaceutical projects, Samurai Translators forms a team of native language editors, knowledgeable translators and medical practitioners to complete the project quickly and accurately.


Our translators have years of practical experience and specialist knowledge in the fields of healthcare, medicine, pharmacology and dentistry, etc. and are able to provide you with a highly accurate translation. Translators with knowledge in medicine and pharmaceuticals make the first translation draft which is then proofread by editors native in the target language. Finally, specific medical terms and phrases are proofread and confirmed by medical practitioners privately contracted by Samurai Translators. We also employ advanced computer-assisted translation (CAT) software to build glossaries specific to each of our clients and ensure consistency of terminology throughout the translation.


Our policy is to offer medical and pharmaceutical translations at the lowest price in the industry. Our policy is to offer medical and pharmaceutical translations at the lowest price in the industry. We challenge the prices of any translation company claiming they can beat us on price and match us on efficiency and quality.

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