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Contracts and Agreements

Samurai Translator's Contracts and Agreements Translations of contracts and agreements such as sales agreements, merchandising agreements, resale contracts, agency contracts, land and property lease contracts, financial loan agreements, non-disclosure agreements and other types of contracts require a solid knowledge of industry-specific terminology as well as relevant legal terms and concepts and as such it is vital to choose a translation company with extensive experience in specific fields and in contract translation. Your translation should only be entrusted to a translator with a solid knowledge of all relevant laws influencing the provisions in a contract or agreement such as common law, the Civil Code, the Companies Act, Building Standards Act, the Building Act and other building standards and regulations, etc. Japanese law is gradually being translated into English, the Civil Code and the Companies Act both have what is near to an official translation already complete.

At Samurai Translators, our carefully selected professional translators are experienced in law, business and contract related translations and will handle your translation using the appropriate expressions and terminology. Both native speakers of the source and target language collaborate on a project to ensure an accurate understanding of the original and a translation which is both consistent with the original and reads naturally guaranteeing a flawless translation.

Types of Contracts and Agreements we translate

Some examples of translations we handle are given below.

Resale Contracts Non-disclosure Agreements License Agreements Copyright Usage Agreements
Insurance Policies Building/Land Lease Agreements Rental Agreements Creation of Superficies Agreement
Employment Contracts Bill of Lading (B/L) Transfer of Rights Agreements Sales Agreements
Provisional Sales Agreements Basic Agreements Collaboration Agreements Labour Agreements
Merchandising Agreements Rental Car Agreements Consulting Agreements Production Agreements
Construction Agreements Financial Loan Agreements Rental Agreements Transaction Basic Agreements
Insurance Policies Lease Agreements Rental Agreements Creation of Superficies

Samurai Translators provides expert and professional contract translations. Our strengths lie in our:


Samurai translators has the advantage of having a substantial number of past translations to work from and uses these resources to the fullest; coupled with its excellent translators specializing in contract translation, we can have a translation ready for you in the shortest time frame. Our translations are without a doubt the best in terms of flexibility and speed when compared with a number of other translation companies which consult with external contract translators and outsource translations.


Our Chief Translator is an expert in contract translation. He has extensive knowledge of the laws underlying contracts and in particular the Civil Code which enables him to produce a coherent translation with an understanding of the legal theory behind the technical language used in contracts. Our translators, who have a solid knowledge of the law and contracts backed by a number of years of experience, prepare a draft translation.

When undertaking large projects, we form a tight team of translators, proofreaders and specialist proofreaders in order to boost the speed and quality of our work. After translated documents are proof-read by our in-house translation team, depending on the delivery period and budget allocated, we may also forward them onto outside specialists contracted by us to perform a final proofread of the document to confirm specialized terms particular to a specific industry guaranteeing a quicker and high quality translation.


Our company's policy is to offer translations at one of the lowest prices in the industry. We have handled thousands of contracts and agreements and have accumulated a vast database of past translations to work from which greatly increases our cost performance. We challenge the prices of any translation company claiming they can beat us on price and match us on quality and efficiency.


Samurai Translators is well aware of the importance of confidentiality prior to the release of contract documents not limited to confidentiality agreements to the public and as such, in addition to having the first draft translation and proofread of contract translations as a rule performed by in-house translators, we enter into confidentiality agreements with our external proofreaders for checking any specialized terms. These external proofreaders are selected by our chief translator himself and are the only external personnel allowed access to the documents ensuring a tight team of staff working on a given project and allowing for no leaks of any information.

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