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Website Translation

To create a bilingual site, it can only be Samurai Translators
Samurai Translators is the solution to all your website and webpage translation needs. Whether to Japanese or English or any other major language, we can help you to create a bilingual website to expand your company's presence in the global market. Please take advantage of our website translation service.

When translating and publishing your website in Japanese, English or any other language, you must ultimately cater to an audience native in that language. A successful translation must not only accurately convey the message you wish to deliver to your overseas audience but must also be well formed and natural to the reader. It must take into account style, linguistic connotations and cultural appropriateness. It is important that your website represents the face of your company. No compromises are made where quality is concerned. For an accurate and localized translation of your website, you can trust in us. Our excellent performance record in website translation speaks for itself. Samurai Translators is happy to help you:

  • Create a Japanese or English version of your website to expand your website's global reach
  • Introduce your company profile overseas and engage in world-wide information exchange
  • Create a website for global viewing for business purposes or even simply as a hobby

See bottom of page for price list.

Our Website Translation Service

Special features of our website translation service include

  • Files in HTML
    We deliver our files in HTML format.
  • Localization
    We carry out website localization so you appropriately market to your target audience.
  • Character Encoding
    We carry out character encoding and make sure to set to the correct character set corresponding to the target language browser. In the case of Japanese, to SHIFT_JIS and most commonly to ISO-8859-1, UTF-8 in the case of English sites so the search engines can read the pages and get your page higher rankings
  • Translation of Non-Visible Text
    We translate the non-visible text such as titles, keywords, site descriptions, ALT text and titles of images as well as HTML source tags, etc.
  • Creation of Website Accessible to the Public
    By not simply translating the main text contained in your homepage or website and taking the time to address the issues specific to website translation discussed above, we are able to create a translated website which is actually accessible to the public.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    We have been operating for 15 years and have accumulated a great deal of SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge and techniques to help keep your site at the top.
  • Site Registration and Maintenance
    After creating your website, we can also provide essential aftercare such as registering your site in overseas search engines and assisting you with website maintenance, etc.

  • Translations in HTML Format
    We have extensive knowledge in translating HTML files for webpages so we will not make the mistakes that some other translation companies would by translating the documents as text files and our translations are handled by website translation professionals. When producing translations in HTML, translators translate on the browser which eliminates the occurrence of bugs such as left over single-byte parentheses, punctuation marks and spaces and other text corruption.

  • Character Encoding
    Many companies create bilingual websites, but many of these translated sites are unsuccessful in attracting their target customers. A common problem is that many companies simply translate their websites without changing the meta tags or headers. Not changing the character code to one which is suited to the target language such as ISO-8859-1 in the case of English or Shift_JIS in the case of a Japanese site can result in webpages which contain garbled text and are unreadable by the target audience. It also restricts search engines from crawling the site, rendering the translated site useless.

  • Translation of Non-Visible Text
    Another area which is often overlooked is that the majority of translated websites contain images. These images also contain alternative text (ALT text). For most translated sites, the ALT text for the images is extremely important in terms of search engine crawlers. Images are not visible to the crawlers and to compensate for this, the ALT text plays an important role in determining the indexing and key words of the page. However, in many cases, this text is not translated into the corresponding language resulting in images including characters not being read by the browser for that particular language. This will also obstruct the site from appearing in the search results because the connection between the page content and the keywords is too weak.
    It is essential to not only translate the viewable words but also to translate and change the HTML source including ALT text for images and the character set, etc.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Localization
    Samurai Translators takes the necessary steps to ensure that your translated website gets seen. In order for your homepage and webpages to be recognised, the translation needs to cater not only to your viewers but also to the major search engines namely Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. For example, Yahoo! US and Yahoo! Japan have different search crawlers and algorithms to locate webpages so your Japanese website must accommodate the Japanese search engines and vice versa for your English website. In Japan, Yahoo! Japan is the most used search engine as opposed to Google in all English speaking countries. Registering your site with Yahoo! Directory can offer a major boost in your search rankings.
    As Google accounts for a relatively high market share of registered overseas English sites, registering your English website with Google search engine is a must.
    The above registering of your site is often confused with category registration which is something entirely different. To clear up any confusion here, we will provide a brief introduction to category registration. If an English version of your webpage is set up, it is useful to perform category registration (which is the same as DMOZ described below) with Yahoo! US and Google. According to what we have heard, Yahoo category registration is free in many foreign countries including the US. You should confirm the fee structure if you are interested in carrying out category registration.
    DMOZ is a multilingual open content directory of World-Wide Web links. Because it is constructed and maintained by a community of volunteer editors, this gives off the impression that it is not really operational and apparently depending on the category applied for, getting your website registered even after having applied is fairly cumbersome. However, after creating an English version of your website, we recommend those with spare capacity and companies seriously consider applying to have their websites registered with these two English directories. (Unfortunately Samurai Translators does not provide an agency service for applying to register on these two directories.)
    These two directories are not included in our registration service for medium-sized U.S. and U.K. search engines outlined below.
    After delivering your translated website, you have the option of having us register your URL with the major Japanese search engines on the English index page on either Yahoo! U.S. or Google. We can also register your site with other search engines or directories (free registration) if you so wish.

  • Maintaining your Site
    Creating your website is just the first step. There are many other matters that need to be taken care of in order to keep your website at the top of the search rankings. We also offer website maintenance services to keep your site high in the rankings, such as website updating and ongoing search engine optimization, etc. according to your needs. This additional service is provided on a temporary basis after Samurai Translators has completed the translation service for your website. We do not accept orders solely for the ongoing maintenance of websites. Fees for this optional service vary according to your needs. Please contact us for more detailed information on pricing. We will provide you with a quotation. As a rough guide, we generally charge approximately 5,000 yen per hour of work.
  • Website Translation Price List

    Japanese to English
    Per Japanese character
    Per English word

    *Prices vary depending on translation field.

    Getting a Quote and Placing an Order

      First, apply for and place an order for the creation of a bilingual website.
      If you need a quotation, attach a word document containing the text of the pages you need to have translated and send it to us. We do not offer free quotations to web developers and brokers which we have not worked with in the past. We appreciate your understanding. The price for translations from Japanese to English is 18 yen per word and 24 yen per character for translations from English to Japanese. We offer free quotations to Corporate website owners.
      Once a translation contract has been established, we will download the files to be translated and enter the translation directly into the HTML file and deliver the final translation to you according to your wishes. We will also translate the metatags in the head section of the HTML page and image titles and ALT, etc. (If additional words need to be translated and there is an additional fee, this will be calculated at the time).
      ✓Industry-leading quality
      ✓Swift delivery
      ✓Assured performance