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Free Homepage Translation

Samurai Translator's FREE Homepage Translation Our FREE Homepage Translation Service

Want your homepage in Japanese? Take advantage of our free homepage translation service!
We offer a sample Japanese translation of your homepage under the following conditions.

  • This free service is only available for one page of your website (generally the homepage)
  • You allow us to insert a banner or text with "Translation Courtesy of Samurai Translators" on the translated page

We may extend our free website translation service to cover several pages if your website has high exposure or high rankings. Contact us for more information.

Our free homepage translation service is a win-win partnership for all concerned. Website owners benefit from our high quality website translation at no cost to themselves and we benefit from the opportunity to show our translations to visitors of those sites and to generate publicity for our services.

Below is a sample of our banner design.

Samurai Translators FREE Homepage Translation Banner

Free homepage translation! This first-class service is limited to 5 companies per month and determined on a first come first served basis. Contact us as soon as possible.

There are of course a number of free automated translation tools available for companies to use to translate their websites. However, the translations created by these tools cannot be used for your published site and at best can provide a reader with a general outline of the meaning of the text and where text is complicated not even this. The quality of automated translations or machine translations is improving every year, however, as yet there is no translation software which can deliver translations which read correctly and naturally to native speakers. Our free translation service does not rely on the use of automated translations. Our translators are held to the highest standards of quality established in our manual and will deliver you an outstanding translation.

Take this chance to try out our free English ⇔ Japanese website translation!

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Maintaining your Translated Homepage

Maintaining your Translated Homepage

Creating your homepage is just the first step. There are many other matters that need to be taken care of in order to keep your homepage at the top of the search rankings. To keep your page high in the Japanese rankings, we also offer website maintenance services including updating and ongoing search engine optimization, etc. according to your needs. Fees for this optional service vary depending on your needs. Please contact us for more detailed information on pricing. We will provide you with a quotation. As a rough guide, we generally charge approximately 5,000 yen per hour of work. We have been operating for a number of years now and have built up a great deal of SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge and techniques to help keep your site at the top.

After creating your bilingual homepage, we recommend that you register your site in the Global Business Directory in order to promote sales.

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