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Finance, Accounting and Financial Affairs

Samurai Translators  Finance, Accounting and Financial AffairsFinance related documents must be precise in meaning and terminology. With the plethora of specialized phraseology and terminology used in the financial sector for financial documents, finance and securities related papers, etc. and with accounting standards varying between countries, it is critical to choose a translation company with the right amount of expertise and experience to procure a completely accurate translation which also complies with the standards and regulations relevant to the industry. Only translators with a skilled working background in the financial sector or translators with relevant finance and accounting qualifications should be entrusted with your financial and accounting documents.
Our financial translators fulfil all these requirements and have majored in finance, economics or accounting so you can be assured of their full understanding of the content of your document and that they will execute your translation with 100% accuracy. Both native speakers of the source and target language collaborate on a project to ensure an accurate and fluid translation.
Samurai Translator's chief translator with his extensive knowledge in this field and considerable experience working in overseas conglomerates will be in charge of any accounting and finance documents to be translated into Japanese and ensure that all English translations are consistent with the content in original Japanese documents. You can rest assured that your financial document will be translated perfectly into either Japanese or English. The final proofread will be handled by one of our editors with a background in the financial sector to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the terminology used.

Through the close collaboration between the Samurai Translators team, your translated document is sure to be accurate and easy to read.

Finance, Accounting and Financial Related Document Translation

We deal with many kinds of business, financial, tax and banking documents including the following.

Notices of convocation (general shareholders' meetings, board of director's meetings, etc.)
Financial statements (income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, etc. )
Annual reports
Quarterly reports
Investor information
Annual returns
Quarterly reports
10Ks and 10Qs
Securities reports
Audit manuals
Auditor's reports with notes
Independent auditor's reports
Tax/final returns and other tax related documents
Banking documents (bank statements, etc.)
Real estate appraisal reports
Sales material related to sales and solicitation of securities and financial instruments
Financial statements required to be publicly announced to the market under Japan's Securities and Exchange Act

Samurai Translators also handles translations related to the following:
Monetary policy, bank deposits, foreign exchange, credit card, e-money and online payments, portfolios, derivatives, life insurance, non-life insurance, investment trusts, real estate investment, consumer finance, securities, e-commerce, real estate investment, share transfers, asset transfers, joint venture agreements, risk management, due diligence, provision of information to investors, compliance, accounting standards, accounting business, accounting audit, audit work, fund management, tax reporting, and translations for financial services agency inspections and for the Bank of Japan and M&A projects.

We also handle the following finance related translations:
Company profiles, various types of press releases, investment news, daily news, publicity documents and various types of contracts and agreements, master agreements, silent partnership agreements, terms and conditions, articles of incorporation/association, end user agreements, documents to be submitted to the Financial Services Agency, accounting and finance related documents, financial statements, accounting regulations, training material, meeting and conference material, prospectuses, in-house manuals, internal control documents, internal audit documents, internal regulations, instructions on financial instruments, sales reports, business reports, statement of accounts, audit reports, annual securities reports, business analysis and research reports, equity and fixed income investment reports, annual reports, analyst reports, IR documents, economist reports, company reports, market research reports, foreign exchange and futures reports, fixed income and equity reports, real estate investment reports, advisory reports, presentation reports, compliance manuals, audit manuals, audit reports, investment related documents, product descriptions for investors, notices of convocation of shareholders meetings, minutes for the meeting of the board of directors, etc., in-house material, quarterly results, quarterly reports, company software manuals, economy papers, newspaper and magazine articles, economic articles, etc.

Translations are available in language pairs other than Japanese ⇔ English depending on your needs. For more information visit our Products and Pricing page.

Samurai Translators specializes in finance related documents

Samurai Translators provides expert and professional translations of finance and accounting related documents. Our strengths lie in our:


All translators here at Samurai Translators involved in preparing and proofreading your translations have an extensive background and knowledge in the accounting and finance sector and in the translation of related documents. Their familiarity with a variety of finance and accounting texts allows them to work through translations quickly and efficiently. We pair up translators native in the source language with translators native in the target language to collaborate on translating your document. They identify any ambiguous words or phrasing in the original and clarify these with you during the translation process to avoid delays at the end of the project and save you time correcting a second-rate translation. We also have the added advantage of our extensive database developed from our past resources accumulated over our years in the translation business, which means we can have your translation ready quicker than some other companies. In addition, unlike many other companies, all our documents are translated in-house and we do not have to rely on outsourced translators which saves us time and allows us to complete your translation with more speed. For large projects with short deadlines, we can divide your document amongst a team of translators to speed up the translation process.


Our chief translator has a degree in finance and economics and extensive working experience in these fields. Both he and our professional translators have spent part of their careers in a corporate environment and are experienced in translating financial documents and are therefore able to understand the context of your document and translate the connotations as effectively as the literal meaning. They are professionals in their fields and take great pains to achieve complete accuracy by clarifying any ambiguous sections in the original and ensuring that specialist terms are translated correctly and consistently. This refers both to industry-specific terms and terms specific to your company. We build close working relationships with our clients and create individualised glossaries, etc. using advanced computer-assisted translation (CAT) software to ensure that certain words and phrases are translated consistently within each document and from one project to the next. When undertaking large projects, we form a team of translators, proofreaders and specialist proofreaders in order to boost the speed and quality of our work. After translated documents are proof-read by our in-house translation team, depending on the delivery period and budget allocated, we can also forward them onto outside specialists contracted by us to perform a final proofread of the document to confirm technical terms and ensure accuracy and consistency.


We understand that financial documents often contain sensitive information and confidentially is of particular importance. We have never experienced any problems related to the disclosure or leaking of information and we are deeply committed to maintaining our clients' trust. We at Samurai Translators conduct ourselves responsibly and take the following steps to ensure your information is handled securely.

  • The first translation draft and proofreading are carried out within our company by our in-house staff who have signed confidentiality agreements with the Company.
  • Confirmation of any technical terms is carried out by our tight team of specialists hand picked by our Chief Translator who have signed a confidentiality agreement with us to prevent any leaking of important confidential information to outside parties.
  • Our staff has controlled access to different levels of our database and files are password protected.
  • We use a password protected, firewalled server
  • We are happy to execute additional confidentiality agreements with you if you require.
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