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Samurai Translator's Securities and ExchangeThe terminology used in securities and foreign exchange related documents is highly industry-specific. Translations of these types of documents require knowledge of widely used accounting terminology and specialized terms and usage particular to the securities and foreign exchange industry and it is essential to choose a translation company with solid experience in translating documents in this area. It is also important to find a translator with the required level of background knowledge in stocks and shares, securities, foreign exchange and accounting to handle your translation.

The translators here at Samurai Translators having majored in accounting, finance and economics, have a deep understanding of the content of securities and foreign exchange related documents received by us for translation to Japanese and English and are familiar with how to correctly translate the specific expressions and terminology corresponding to the accounting standards in Japan and the main English speaking countries. To ensure the readability of the document, our native English translators are paired up with our native Japanese translators to prepare the translation and also proofread translations of documents related to securities and foreign exchange. This guarantees that there are no errors in the original text and that the translated text is consistent with the original text and also reads naturally to the target audience.

When we take on securities and foreign exchange(FOREX or FX) translations, we ensure there are no errors in the source document and never compromise on our translation of terminology or on the natural readability of the translation.

Please contact us regarding any type of securities and exchange related translations you require. Some examples are given below.

Banking related documents
Securities analyst reports
Exchange and futures investment reports
M&A documents
Investor information reports
Cargo insurances
Insurance documents
Annual securities reports
Hull insurance

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