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Family Register Translation

Samurai Translators Family Register Translation The Japanese family register (Koseki Touhon) is a very important document in Japan. It is the main document that the Japanese government uses to keep track of her citizens. A copy of the family register is required in many aspects of government paperwork. Family registers are accepted as documents to prove marriage ability. An English translation of the family register is required for those Japanese citizens who wish to apply for a temporary or permanent visa abroad. For those Japanese citizens married to spouses from overseas, a translated copy of the family register is often sufficient to use as proof in foreign countries.

Samurai Translators, founded fifteen years ago, was built around the translation of family registers. Since our inception, many municipalities changed over to the new computer style family register. We have worked on hundreds of family register translations including the previously used and currently used certificates of all the matters in a family register. We have translated literally thousands of family registers. If you are in need of a family register translation, please rest assured that we at Samurai Translators will be able to quickly, accurately and affordably translate your document. We pride ourselves on our outstanding performance in Family Register translation. You can have complete faith in the accurate and swift execution of your translated family registers (certificates of all the matters in a family register), extracts from family register (certificates of partial matters in a family register), removed family registers and obsolete original family registers.

When marriage or other status changes, new family registers are created and some items are simultaneously removed from the previous family register. In addition, new revised family registers can be created on an individual's own authority pursuant to the revisions made to the Family Register Act and other laws, so there are of course numerous types of family registers. When applying, you can choose from certified copies and abridged family registers, you can choose from certificates of all matters or matters relating to a particular individual in the family register. When requesting a family register translation, you will need to obtain the correct family register appropriate for its intended use. To get a certified copy of your family register, you can either apply in person to the city hall in the area where your family register is registered or you can apply by post. For more details on how to apply for your family register certificate and the required issue fees, etc., please contact your municipality.

Send us the documents you would like us to translate. Please compress the files. Also, please let us know the purpose of your translation as this may affect the translation process. Confidential data should be sent to: We can deliver your translation in any file format you like (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.) by the deadline agreed. Translated drafts may be posted to you upon request if you wish to view your translation mid-way.

If you need your document to be notarised by the notary public office or the embassy or consulate please let us know. We will make all the necessary arrangements. Please note that to take advantage of this service, additional fees will be required to cover the notarisation fees imposed by the notarising agency as well as the handling fees of our company. (*Unless otherwise specified, the fees presented in our price list indicate the total price including notarisation and handling fees).

In the case of international marriages with a Japanese national where the marriage partner intends to stay in Japan, a Japanese translation of the marriage certificate from the issuing country may be required for visa purposes, etc. In this situation, please take advantage of our marriage document translation service. We handle hundreds of birth and marriage certificates as well as certificates of no impediment (or affidavits) for international marriages between Japan and a variety of other countries.

On the flip side, in the case of international marriages (or prospective marriages) where a Japanese national intends to move to the country of his/her spouse, English translations of marriage certificates (family registers, certificates of registered matters on the family register, certificate of matters in the alien registration records) and certificates of no impediment, etc. may be required. We have an excellent track record for delivering translations to clients used to accompany visa applications to the embassies and immigration departments in the U.S.A, Canada and Australia.

Samurai Translators provides expert and professional contract translations. Our strengths lie in our:


We have a vast database of family registers to work from and our translators can work through these documents with ease and speed. We can have your family register translation ready and in your hands as quickly as 10a.m. the morning following the day you place your order.


Our translators are proficient and experienced in translating family register certificates, etc. without error. The final proofread is carried out by a translator proficient in English and Japanese and familiar with the relevant laws who will then sign off the translation.


Our policy is to provide translation services at the lowest price in the industry. We challenge the prices of any translation company dealing with family register translations which claim they can beat us on price and match us on efficiency. Our accumulation of past translation data greatly increases our cost performance.

Certificate of Translation

It is standard for us to issue a "Certificate of Translation" with the translated version of marriage certificates and other official documents as it is more often the case that these documents together with the originals will be submitted to immigration offices, legal affairs bureaus and other governmental agencies or educational institutions or other highly public institutions. The translation fees presented by our Company include the fees for the issue of the Certificate of Translation. If the Certificate of Translation is to accompany a Japanese to English translation to be submitted to the U.K., America, Canada or Australia or other country using English as its official language, an English version of the certificate will be issued and likewise, if it is to accompany an English to Japanese translation of a birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of no impediment or other document translated to Japanese to be submitted to government offices within Japan, etc., a Japanese version of the certificate will be issued.

Confidentiality of Information

We know confidentiality is of the utmost important when it comes to documents containing personal information. We always comply with laws and regulations pertaining to confidentiality including the Personal Information Protection Act and the Data Protection Act. At Samurai Translators, our in-house translators translate and proofread documents received from clients within our office walls. We do not rely on outsourced translators to handle your work and all our translators have signed a confidentiality agreement with the company prohibiting them from disclosing any confidential information obtained in the course of their work.

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