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Samurai Translators' Translation Campaign

Translation Campaign

Company Registers and Articles of Incorporation Translation Campaign!

Campaign starts October 1st!

Samurai Translators provide fast, affordable and accurate translations of Company Registers and Articles of Incorporation.
We have received a favourable response from our clients in the past and now, we will be offering translations of Company Registers (Certificates of Complete Historical Records Certificates of Partial Historical Records, Certificates of All Present Matters, Certificates of All Removed Matters and Partial Removed Matters) and Articles of Incorporation at these one time only campaign prices. Customers who order translations of both their Company Registers and Articles of Incorporation will be eligible for an even better price
Try our Company Register/ Articles of Incorporation translation service. Our prices cannot be beaten!

Campaign Details

  1. 1st page of Company Register now only 9,450 yen.
    2nd page and onwards only 2,100 yen per page.
    Note: Registers containing a Share Options section or sections pertaining to shares will be quoted separately.
  2. Articles of Incorporation (limited to joint-stock companies) now only 31,500 yen
    Note: This excludes documents exceeding 50 articles. (Translations of Articles of Incorporation (into English) from 51 to 59 articles long are priced at 42,000 yen). Please also note that Acts of Endowment are also excluded from this campaign.

* When placing an order for a translation of the above documents be sure to enter, "I have seen the campaign page" in your order, otherwise the normal rate will apply.
(Offer available from October 1st to October 30th)

Fees for Authentication by Embassies/Consulates and Public Notaries

Authentication Service Handling Fees

Product Code Product Name
(please enter for submission to General Consulate)
(including handling fee)
K-1 Notarisation (Consulate) - United States of America, Australia 10,500 yen
K-2 Notarisation at a Notary Public Office 19,900 yen
K-2A Notarisation at a Notary Public Office (with Apostille from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) 22,000 yen

※ Where notarisation is not required, it is standard for us to attach a translation certificate with all public documents.

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