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Samurai Translators About Us

Business Policies

1. To contribute to the fostering of mutual friendship and understanding within the international community through translation

2. To assist those facing problems caused by language barriers or difficulties

3. To provide our employees with the facilities and opportunities to expand their knowledge and develop further as individuals through the business

4. To contribute to the economic development of Japan by reinvesting the profits earned through the business

5. To contribute to the happiness and welfare of our clients

6. To express our appreciation to our clients who make our translation work possible in the final translation product we deliver thereto

Core Business Philosophy

To achieve our mission and stand by our principles, Samurai Translator's comprehensive translation service will provide certificate translations, translations of specialized business and professional documents and other translations within Japan and in any other part of the world where our service is welcome or needed with our core competency in translations between Japanese and English. Our primary emphasis is on maintaining and further improving the quality of our translations and our service and all our activities are centered around this purpose.

We aim to achieve a net income of 5% of total sales revenue. These earnings, if attained, will be regarded as funds entrusted to us by society and we will, as a rule, contribute back into society by reinvesting the total amount and by further improving our translation products and service.